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15 years of medical & aesthetic business experience, challenge
into Global Leading Brand in the world.

Su Medical is a company specializing in beauty aesthetic that
marks with over 15 years experience.
Su Medical is creating beauty value and well-being life
to any customers deserve to joy, while leading
global market with high end technology and
unique originality.

  • Maestroe - Infrasound system
    - Rhythmical 5 programs
    Maestroe GO
  • Harvest-jet® - Gentler Harvestingmeans higher quality fat- The natural breast surgery procedure Havest-jet GO
  • Body-jet®evo - Premium Fat-Transferand Body-Contouring Body-jetevo GO
  • Body-jet®eco - Cutting-EdgeTechnology- Especially For SmallVolumes Of Fat Tissue Body-jeteco GO
  • Capsulitis - Best Choice for the Improving Results ot the Lipo Surgery - For Professional BreastTreatment Capsulitis GO
  • Belody2 - Minimally Invasive Laser Skin Tightning- Clinical effects of 3 infra-red wavelength Belody2 GO
  • Flawless &Fluette - Non-invasie Face & Body Treatment- Moving Type of Focused Ultrasound flawless GO
  • OPUS 3 - High Intensity Focused Ultrasound- Exact and fast shot- Balanced and interval shot flawless GO
  • Q-graft - Intraoperative separation and collection of adipose regenerative cells flawless GO
  • IRIS - Related technologies and devices have been developed to research and use in the medical field of sports/rehabitation medicine, pain medicine... IRIS GO