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Online consultation for Ali sludge used in accordance with the laws, the contents collect personal information below, please consent.

■ Collect items and use of personal information

  • Necessary items - Name, E-mail, subject, Massage, Security code.

■ The purpose of collecting personal information and its usage

  • Collected personal information will be used to issue the quotation and will not be used for any other purpose.

■ The keeping and using term of personal information

  • The personal information will be retained during the issuing of quotation, and shall be disposed just after issuing quotation. (However, if otherwise decided from law, it can be retained until the requested period)

■ The right to deny consent and disadvantages of personal information

  • If you do not state the necessary items, you cannot use this service. However, even if you do not input the optional items, this service is available.

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