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A challenging Company with Trust,

I would like to express my gratitude to all of you for your interest in
and support to SU (守) Medical.

Su(守) Medical is young company with passionate and challenge spirit
and we are taking a leap with independent technology development
based on long experience in Medical / Aesthetic industry.
Beautiful life is aimed by all mankind.

Beauty continues as long as human beings exist, beauty changes
the quality of life.

We continue to study for healthy and happy well-being life with
building up ‘’Beauty Paradigm’’ and strive forward unique technical
development ceaselessly to keep ahead of competitiveness.

Su(守) Medical pursues 3 M (Make / Miracle / 美)
We will perform Miracle and Make and lead to 美.

As a representative of Medical & Aesthetic industry in Korea,
Su(守) Medical promises to be Global World-Class Leader.

SU (守) Medical CEO
Hyok Chol
CEO, Su Medical