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Su Medical is a company specializing in beauty aesthetic that marks with over 15 years experience. Su Medical is creating beauty value and well-being life to any customers deserve to joy,
while leading global market with high end technology and unique originality.
15 years of medical & aesthetic business experience, challenge into Global Leading Brand in the world. Under the corporate philosophy of "Challenge for Human Well-Being Life", Su Medical was established in 2012
and stepped forward with the growth of Korean medical & aesthetic industry.
With long experience in medical field, we started to launch successfully Germany’ Human Med Harvest Jet and having
successfully launched product, we set up our own factory in Won Ju and developed own medical & aesthetic devices.
Specially we created unique mechanism and preparing to jump up to be the leader of advanced medical industry.
Satisfying each different market and requirements, we make utmost effort to provide creative medical device and services
by means of glocalization strategy along with accumulated technologies and know-how.
"We are Su Medical " Challenge with freshness for Human Well-Being Life"