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LipoFiller System


  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Especially for small volumes of fat tissue
Body-jet eco

Body-jet® eco

Small-volume fat transfer management in a systematic way

The innovative Body-jet® eco has been designed for the precise and gentle removal of small fat tissue volumes that may be
used for subsequent autologous fat transfer. A pulsating water-jet combined with a tissue-sparing, defined vacuum allows
harvesting intact and highly viable fat cells from the subcutaneous fat in a gentle way.

The gentle water-jet technology helps to avoid side effects that way develop in the donor area as a result of a “dry”, manual
liposuction, as well as damages to the fat cells often resulting from a too-high syringe vacuum.

Harvesting autologous fat with the Body-jet® eco saves time. This effect becomes significant in the case of small fat tissue
volumes from 20ml.

The fat tissue harvested and collected in a sterile, closed system is highly viable, finely dispersed and excellently for immedia-
te re-injection due to the lobular size(diameter of the fat clusters approx.0,9mm) A further treatment of the aspirated tissue
such as filtration or centrifugation if not necessary.

Compared to other methods, the results of water-jet assisted lipofilling using the Body-jet® technology are predictable,
as proven by a multitude of published clinical studies.

The Body-jet® eco has a modern design combined with a clear and intuitive operating concept. It is easy to transport thanks
to its limited weight and ergonomic shape. Due to its cutting-edge concept the Body-jet® eco provides the perfect solution
for small-volume fat transfer management to the user.

Flexible to use in hospitals and practices

Fat grafting and liposuction in a small volume range for various applications.

For instance
Hand and face filling
Wrinkle injection
Body contouring, e.g. of chin and upper arms
Soft tissue corrections
Treatment of radiation and burn scars
Treatment of chronic wounds


Human med AG Leading in water-jet technology

Human med AG is an innovative medical technology company in the field of
water-jet surgery with its unique technology for hydrodynamic separation
and harvesting of tissue and cells particulary from the subcutaneous fat tissue,
the company is heading the international market of plastic-reconstructive and
aesthetic surgery. Human med can build on long-term experiences with water-
jet assisted systems allowing precise control and selective tissue treatment.
On this basis, the company developed the tissue-sparing method of water-jet
assisted Liposuction and lipotransfer(WAL) that is used in the aesthetic market,
as well as plastic and reconstructive surgery for body-contouring,
breast augmentation and reconstruction, and for treatment of soft tissue defects,
scars and chronic wounds.


Special method of fat harvesting

LipoFiller stands for harvesting small volumes of fat tissue for lipofilling by means of Water-jet Assisted Liposuction
and Liporansfer(WAL).
This procedure is nearly atraumatic, since it provokes less pain and hematoma in the donor area.
That is the reason why this treatment is well accepted by the patients.
When extracting fat cells the subcutaneous fat tissue, blood, lymph vessels and nerves are spared. The very high fat cell
viability of approximately 90% allows that up to 87% of the grafted tissue volume is preserved and adheres to the recipient
area. The success of the treatment is very well predictable according to numerous clinical studies.
For best results and satisfied patients!

Flexible for operating rooms

  • Dimensions: 32(B)x35(T)X30(H) cm
  • Weight: 11kg
  • Flow: approx. 60ml / min
  • Vacuum: approx. -500mbar