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  • Premium Fat-Transfer and Body-Contouring
Body-jet evo

New standards in fat-transfer and body-contouring

Small-volume fat transfer management in a systematic way

The innovative Body-jet® evo represents the 2nd generation of waterjet-assisted-liposuction devices (WAL). With the help
of a fan-shaped, pulsating water beam the fat can be gently separated away from the tissue and evacuated at the same time.
Thanks to a novel drive system for the Body-jet® evo the intensity and effectiveness of the water beam can be adjusted to
the user need, ensuring a rather pain-free treatment. The surrounding connective tissue, nerves and vascular structures
remain nearly undamaged resulting in hipher patient safety, faster healing and less pain and bruising. Moreover, the gentle
effect of the water beam allows an easy and effective fat transfer especially of mid-size and bigger fat volume.
Without the need for time consuming processing which can lead to cell damage.
The Body-jet® evo comprises a modern and standardized concept of operation with various presettings parameters for
liposuction and fat transfer as well as adjusting to the individual needs of a surgeon.

Introducing AquaShape® human med AG will increase awareness for its advanced fat harvesting and fat transfer
technique. All various fields of application such as breast augmentation, anti-aging and body shaping will be advertised.
In addition to the website( it’s inline presence will be extended in all relevant inline and
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*AquaShape® is the patient brand that human med AG uses to communicate with potential patients and the
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Features of the Body-jet®evo

  • Optimized pressure and flow parameters for fat
    transfe by easy program presetting
    Higher quality of the harvested fat
    Pre-set LipoCollection mode
    Adjustable pulse effects
    Shorter surgery time
    Less pain for the patient
    More efficient workflow
  • Intuitive user interface with touch-screen
    Easy handling
    Upgradable plattform for further applications
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    Integrated help function
    Reduced failure risk
    Is available at any time
    High-quality manufacture with improved handling
    Certified medical engineering made in Germany
    Designed for easy transport and safe standing

Phases of WAL (Waterjet-Assisted Liposuction)

Phases of WAL (Waterjet-Assisted Liposuction)

Phase 1

Infiltration of tissue, using standard tulmescent solutionAbout 70% less infiltration volume needed and less
exposure time.

Phase 2

Simultaneous irrigation and suction The fan-shaped water-jet flu-shesout small clusters of fat tissue. Waterjet moves easily through the tough-est tissues aleiviating the need for aggr-
essive cannula movement.

ResultLow colateral damage to surrounding tissues..

Pulse effects


    Short, quick pulses for easy infiltration
    of low liquid volume
    Very effective for liposuction, allows
    easy working and quiding of the
    cannulae, especially in fibrotic tissue, for better contouring with low pain induction

    Basic pulsation mode (1st Gerneration)
    For clinically proven results
  • LONG

    Long pulsation mode with short breaks
    ,for quick infiltration of larger liquid volumes
    Faster infiltraion, designed for quick
    tissue expansion.

Fat management

  1. 1 st Phase
    • = Pre-Infiltration (low volume)
  2. 2 nd Phase
    • = water-jet assisted liposuction with direct fat collection usingLipoCollector™ or FillerCollector™
  3. 3 rd Phase
    • = Extraction and direct re-injection of the fat into the recipientareas(no centrifugation or processing required)

Efficient. Versatile. Intutive.

The premium class of jet-assisted fat-transfer and body-contouring

Ordering Information

Description REF Purchase Units
Body-jet®evo 500000-7 1 device
Body-jet®evo Applicator 570001 1 box = 5 pcs
Technical details
Dimensions in cm: 54(W) x 60(D) x 178(H)
Weight in kg : 65
Powe supply : 230 VAC, 6A, 50 Hz
Safty class according IEC 60601-1 : I
OP applicator safty class: BF
Approval certificate: CE 0482
Device class acc. To council directive 93/42/EEC II a
  • Body-jet® is a registered trademark owned by human med AG, Germany.
  • Body-jet® technology is protected by U.S., European and other patents.