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  • New standards in fat-transfer
  • and body-contouring


Traditional or energy-assisted lipoplasty, by its very nature, disrupts and
destroys fat in order to remove it from the body. Natural Breast Surgery,
on the other hand, needs much less force, using simultaneous irrigation
and low suction power to gently dislodge and remove fat. Additionally,
Natural Breast Surgery doesn’t require classic pre-infiltration, shortening
procedure times and sparing fat cells from excess exposure to infiltration fluid.


  • - A slightly pressurized, fan-shaped laminar jet of water gently dislodgesmicro-droplets of fat
  • - Simultaneous irrigation and aspiration
  • - Minimizes trauma to patient
  • - Minimizes damage to harvested fat
  • - Local anesthesia

Phases of WAL (Waterjet-Assisted Liposuction)

Phases of WAL (Waterjet-Assisted Liposuction)

Phase 1

Infiltration of tissue, using standard tulmescent solutionAbout 70% less infiltration volume needed and less
exposure time.

Phase 2

Simultaneous irrigation and suction The fan-shaped water-jet flu-shesout small clusters of fat tissue. Waterjet moves easily through the tough-est tissues aleiviating the need for aggre-ssive cannula movement.

ResultLow colateral damage to surrounding tissues..

Phases of J-AFT (Jet-Assisted Fat-Transfer)

  1. 1 st Phase
    • = Pre-Infiltration (low volume)
  2. 2 nd Phase
    • = water-jet assisted liposuction with direct fat collection usingLipoCollector™ or FillerCollector™
  3. 3 rd Phase
    • = Extraction and direct re-injection of the fat into the recipientareas(no centrifugation or processing required)

New standards in fat-transfer and body-contouring

The innovative Harvest-jet® represents the 2nd generation of waterjet-assisted-liposuction devices(WAL). With the help
of a fan-shaped, pulsating water beam the fat can be dissolved away from the tissue and evacuated at the same time.
Thanks to a novel drive system for the Harvest-jet® the intensity and effectiveness of the water beam can be adjusted to
the users needs, ensuring a rather pain-free treatment. The surrounding connective tissue, nerves and vasculatures remain
nearly undamaged with the result that the risk of liposuction if minimized, the treatment result if significantly improved and
the patient’s recovery time is shortened. Moreover, the gentle effect of the water beam allows an easy and effective fat tra-
nsfer(J-FAT) especially for mid-size and bigger fat volume. The Harvest-jet® comprises a modern and up-to-date concept of
operation with various presetting’s for liposuction and fat transfer and individually adjustable device parameters.

Introducing AquaShape™ to a broad public, human med will strengthen awareness of their advanced fat harvesting
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