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  • Infrasound system
  • Non-Invasive
  • Rhythmical 5 programs

Technical Background

"Sound Waves" Sound waves are transmitted through the air. It is like feeling that most people feel the vibration front of the large speaker.
Usually, over 20,000Hz of the audiofrequency can hear but the under waves under 20Hz can feeling on the body with vibration. ‘Sound Waves‘ are implement not only infra-sound but also audiofrequency and ultrasound and the waves can deliver to the body.
MAESTRO Technical Background

Comparison - Sound Methods

Focusing Method
Non-Focusing Method
- Energy concentrated in targeted
  targeted focus
- Reverse energy gradient leads to
   highest energy intensity being at a
  distance from the transducer
- Can damage blood vessels or
- Suitable for small area
- Highest intensity is at contact site
- Intensity decreases with distance
- High energy loss, Low Effect
- Less intensity decreases with
- No Need High Power at contact
- Low energy Loss, High effect
- Comfortable Treatment Way

Clinical Effects

  • Persistent fat layers stimulation
  • Promote Circulation
  • Lymphatic Drainage and reduced Oedema
  • Help the muscle stimulation using various tip
  • Pain relief
  • Strengthen musculoskeletal and rejuvenation
MAESTRO Clinical Effects


  • 1. N·Infrasonic Stimulator
  • - Promote Circulation
  • - Lymphatic Drainage and reduced Oedema
  • - Persistent fat layers stimulation
  • - Help the muscle stimulation using various tip
  • - Pain relief and increase flexibility the muscle.
  • 2. Features
  • - No discomfort through the procedure and no skin damage
  • - High Results with Low Energy loss
  • - Safety, No Downtime
  • - Non-invasive & using the newest state of the art technology to maximize clinical results
  • - Intuitive Interface & Easy Operations
  • - Various program (5mode)



Power Consumption 60 W
Infrasonic Frequency Less than Audio Frequency
Weight 10 Kg
Dimensions 320 * 330 * 270
Voltage 220V/50, 60Hz